Sunday, 9 November 2008


Having a Scarily Alcoholic Cocktail* in hand seems like as good an excuse as any to update my blog.


You probably won't know (unless we have spoken directly and you are either my housemate or another member of a select group of people that I whiffle to about various things) that on November 15th, I will be in Leeds at Thought Bubble Festival, plugging a small publication that my associates Julia Scheele and Mat Sheret (we are words and pictures, but see my sidebar for their personal blogs 'devil makes comics for idle thumbs' and 'the polaroid press') have put together, with a guest appearance from me, in the form of a shiny cover, and a couple of brain farts in between things. Lovely.

Here's a little look at the cover art:

And if that's not enough incentive to come along and visit us, here is a picture of my ex-marmot surrounded by balloons. He wants you to come. You can see it in his eyes.

How can you resist?

And that's just about that tonight. More stuff soon.

beep beep.

*The Scarily Alcoholic Cocktail - a White Russian as it happens (we had milk and vodka and very little else in the house that could be inbibed) - is the result of a rather shite evening where, among other things, I've managed to break my beloved graphire tablet. It was on its last legs anyway, but it's completely buggered now and I don't think I can afford to replace it. What an arse. And to make things more fun I'm getting a delightful insta-headache from the vodka and milk mix I'm furring my arteries with.

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