Wednesday, 25 February 2009

More rough drawings and no scanner

I'm afraid that there is still no scanner set up in my house right now, but I am posting anyway as this is kind of my work log. So bear with the photo booth pictures for now and I swear I'll post something juicy at some point soon.

This week heralds the start of me working on the Macmillan Prize, along with some stuff for D&AD and it's been ages since I've actually just drawn people out on the street. So I headed down to Trafalgar Square (and later a friend's stand-up comedy night at the Punch Tavern) with a sketchbook and tried to look inconspicuous whilst I stared at people. Planning on doing this at least twice a week. So more drawings of people being boring will probably follow.

Anyway. More for my records than anything else, here's some shots of the sketchbook, with me looking gormless in the background.

Um. And now for some sesame street animations:


Really like these old stop-motions from sesame street. Explaining (sometimes rather complicated) things in simple terms using simple objects. Something for me to think about, I daresay. Hope you enjoy them though.

Bai bai!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Gumby Faaaaaaace!

I saw a grumpy looking gentleman on the street today and he kind of summed-up my whole day in one lumbering grimace:

I think that just about covers it.

I have no scanner set up at the moment (moved house a week or two ago; still a bit box-shaped in my living arrangements), so that will have to do for now.

Working on stuff for the UK Web Comix and Small Press Thing on March 28th. You should come along and say hello. I will be there with Julia and Matt of We Are Words and Pictures Also devising some other things too. But shhhh for now. More later.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

How I roll.

(type experiment using newsprint stencils, tastelessly coloured paints and a tiny little roller, dontcha know.)

Today hasn't been very good. Actually, it's been the opposite of good. Printing this book is turning into a disaster. But let's not dwell on that. It will all be fine and I will laugh about this in years to come.

Here is a dancing moustache:

Thursday, 5 February 2009

External college project: DEN

An on-going project that me and some other people from college are doing. We did a photo-shoot yesterday and that thar picture up there is one of the results from it. Basically, we're putting on an event that's designed to make grown-ups want to play. We're currently looking for a space to put it on. An old house or something like that. Suggestions on the back of a postcard, please. Or in the comments, if anyone out there has any ideas.

So I printed that bear face thing from my last post. Here is the result. I rather like it. I can't really see myself becoming a long-term print-maker, but there's something about the process leading the image making that I really like. Also, I'm quite pleased with this from a character design point of view ... I really like designs that get to the core of what a particular character is like ... designs that strip things back to their bare essentials. I hope I've managed to approximate that.

So far this academic year the most exciting stuff I've been doing has definitely been the animation. Good news on that front: I am being given first dibs on the new rostrum camera at college. Or at least the technicians have said they'll email me first thing and that I'm to pop in next week and see how they're getting on. That'll set me up for the summer term really nicely.

Now for some interesting stuff I found. Or some stuff I found interesting.

All The Swallows (Trailer) from Koja-K on Vimeo.

STRANDBEESTEN from Alexander Schlichter on Vimeo.

More interesting things later.