Thursday, 5 February 2009

External college project: DEN

An on-going project that me and some other people from college are doing. We did a photo-shoot yesterday and that thar picture up there is one of the results from it. Basically, we're putting on an event that's designed to make grown-ups want to play. We're currently looking for a space to put it on. An old house or something like that. Suggestions on the back of a postcard, please. Or in the comments, if anyone out there has any ideas.

So I printed that bear face thing from my last post. Here is the result. I rather like it. I can't really see myself becoming a long-term print-maker, but there's something about the process leading the image making that I really like. Also, I'm quite pleased with this from a character design point of view ... I really like designs that get to the core of what a particular character is like ... designs that strip things back to their bare essentials. I hope I've managed to approximate that.

So far this academic year the most exciting stuff I've been doing has definitely been the animation. Good news on that front: I am being given first dibs on the new rostrum camera at college. Or at least the technicians have said they'll email me first thing and that I'm to pop in next week and see how they're getting on. That'll set me up for the summer term really nicely.

Now for some interesting stuff I found. Or some stuff I found interesting.

All The Swallows (Trailer) from Koja-K on Vimeo.

STRANDBEESTEN from Alexander Schlichter on Vimeo.

More interesting things later.


Anonymous said...

I am always intrigued and delighted with what you put up for us to look at. Thank you for sharing it. That clip from swallow movie makes me want to put my step kids on a boat in the ocean of balloons :D

alexisgoodwin said...

the bears work! u make it t look effortless god damn it