Wednesday, 25 February 2009

More rough drawings and no scanner

I'm afraid that there is still no scanner set up in my house right now, but I am posting anyway as this is kind of my work log. So bear with the photo booth pictures for now and I swear I'll post something juicy at some point soon.

This week heralds the start of me working on the Macmillan Prize, along with some stuff for D&AD and it's been ages since I've actually just drawn people out on the street. So I headed down to Trafalgar Square (and later a friend's stand-up comedy night at the Punch Tavern) with a sketchbook and tried to look inconspicuous whilst I stared at people. Planning on doing this at least twice a week. So more drawings of people being boring will probably follow.

Anyway. More for my records than anything else, here's some shots of the sketchbook, with me looking gormless in the background.

Um. And now for some sesame street animations:


Really like these old stop-motions from sesame street. Explaining (sometimes rather complicated) things in simple terms using simple objects. Something for me to think about, I daresay. Hope you enjoy them though.

Bai bai!

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