Tuesday, 31 March 2009


(click it to full view it.)

Still thinking. Thinking. Dangerous passtime, I know.

Something else with reference to that thing the yellowy eyebally monsters were to do with. Because monsters are often creepy buggers.

Other than that, this is a vague attempt at making something mildly macabre. Not overly. But a little. Not really sure if I've succeeded, but it's going up anyway.

pure, unadulterated sketch dump


Er, please have some sketches from the 'Thing' and beyond. I'm aware that this kind of sketch uploading is the digital equivalent of flashing your knickers at someone, but you might find it interesting nonetheless (I don't know where that analogy was going, sorry).

Phil Spence of Ninja Bunny tosses his hair about like a naughty shetland pony. He also has more hair than both me and Julia (fellow words and pictures artist) put together. I also put one too many 'l' shaped letters in that thing up thar, Phil. Sorryyy.

This might be a touch too much information about the inside of my head. To even the score, you may know that I am wearing green knickers with frogs on them today. They're horrible. Wearing them is a bit like listening to a really bad, godawful cheesy song on the bus ... and relishing the fact that no one else knows just how much fun you're having.

these last two are from an ongoing/upcoming project I'm circling around at the moment. But also because I like monsters.


Friday, 20 March 2009

New zine thingermajigger

So. Next weekend, on the 28th of March, I will be attending the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing at Queen Mary University in Mile End. I am there selling the old Robot Zine that me and my associates Julia Scheele and Matt Sheret put together last November, as well as a new little zine all about the perils of nose picking:

(Obviously you're just going to have to turn up on the day to see the exciting conclusion of this clearly very epic and special piece of literature.)

Nose zines will be going for £1.50 on the day. Any left over afterwards I will put up for sale over here if anyone is interested.

Yes. x x x x x