Thursday, 28 May 2009

couple of prints

Just been rooting around in my image banks as I am currently in the throes of organising my third year proposal presentation (outlining and pitching the projects I am going to be working on next year. There are three of them, in my case, although some have opted to do more, others less) and am trying to tease out the aspects of my work that I think are interesting and worth pursuing.

My printmaking is one of these areas. These were a couple of litho prints that I was working on before Easter, which were loosely tied in with some work on folk tales and penny dreadfuls I was doing. But they also work quite nicely as standalone pieces, don'tcha think?

Litho is a fun process. Well. Print in general is fun. You get to play with sharp objects in woodcut & relief, etching gives you acid baths and carcenogenic substances to muck about with, whilst litho has this long and relatively complex set of chemical treatments in order to make the ink stick to the printing plate.


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