Monday, 13 July 2009

Face up.

Long time no post.

Lots has been happening, like the end of term, etc.

I'm also cutting out a website at the moment. So hopefully that should be along soon. Here are some photos that have resulted from construction so far:

They probably won't get used, you understand*. This is just what happens when me, a load of scrap paper and a pair of scissors get together**.

Ummm. What else? Oh. Yes. I tried screen printing for the first time ever. This happened:

Only a very simple, half an hour go at the whole thing, you see. But I like it. I think I'll be in the screen rooms more often come October. In the mean time I am looking into making some kind of kitchen-table-top screen printing system. We shall see.

Lots more to say, but it's long and boring, so I won't. A more regular and devoted version of this blog should be along soon. In the mean time, please have some heads from a recent sketchbook exercise (where I wandered around the internet and my postcard collection, finding photos of people heads I like, and blind drawing them onto sheets of paper, which I then cut into head shapes, much to my own amusement). These are the nicer ones.

(this one is Harold Bishop.
Thought you might like to know.)



*Well, this is kind of a lie. One probably will get used. And it's all loosely linked to an animation I'm working on. But it's easy to be flippant and hey, it's summer.

**Lie or not, this statement still (unfortunately?) holds true .