Monday, 31 August 2009

More beards, more noses

Hi there.

Hey guess what? Since I last posted I've been very busy. But that can wait for another post. First off I am going to show you some quick stuff that I had already done but hadn't bothered to talk about. It is to do with zines.

So, I made a new cover for the nose zine I posted here a month or three ago:

Each one is slightly different and at £2 a piece they're an essential addition to any zine fanatic's collection. So if you come and find me at a zine fair over the next few months be sure to pick one up!

I also made a small run of beard books. The main thing about them for me is that they give you facial hair whilst you read them. Observe:

Isn't that nice? I certainly think so. Lots of little pictures of beards await you within, with some very wise quotes that no beard afficionado should be without.

Here are some of the beards that didn't make it in:

Don't feel too bad for them, though. They look lovely on my wall. And they're up here in glorious high resolution. Much better than their zine-bound brethren, I'm sure.

More on more recent work soon.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

beards beards beards

Please have some sketches of some men with some beards.

Also I am sort of casually on internet hiatus right now whilst I try and sort my life out and work out what on earth it is I want to do and generally get on with some shit. Things have gone a bit wobbly lately and I just need to sort myself out. Soooo I'll update when I've got something a bit larger on the boil and it's worth talking about.

See you later