Monday, 26 April 2010

More brain vomit.

Right. Some observations from this evening's dicking about with paints and this screen printing kit thing: it's crude. Like, really really crude. Super fucking unbelievably crude and probably enough to turn most people off home screen printing for good. Wow.

However, I have some ideas on how to make it work which I will be trying out tomorrow:

- better paper as the cartridge I am using isn't really taking the acrylic very well ... something more absorbent might be better. Maybe I'll ask the technicians tomorrow morning and explain my predicament (I am trying to avoid using the college screen beds because I, er, have missed all the inductions and don't really want to ask the nice people who run the print studios to put themselves out on account of my poor organisation. I can screen no problem, I just haven't exposed an image in a long time and don't really want to fuck up and inconvenience everyone on account of my own ignorance. Harumph.)
- masking tape to guard against splurges
- a clamp of some sort to secure the frame in place. Actually this is a good point - the contact between mesh frame and the paper is kind of crap. If I can do something about that then I should have much better results
- practice

Other than that, been exploring a bit of colour theory today. Horniman Museum's natural history room is filled with these brilliant dark wood cabinets with these backing boards of various different sombre, institutional colours (greens, ochres, salmony pinks) which remind me of some of the particularly fusty corners of my old school. I can almost smell the boredom. I'm hoping that using these colours as a sort of theme for my homonym's project, I'll be able to tie the set together a little. I could use any colours to do that, but these are particularly appropriate. I like me some context.

Is it really wrong that I like institution green? I hate to think what that says about me as a person. It's just a funny colour. Supposedly calming, but probably just boring for a lot of people. I like it because it makes me think of the way chalk smells. I sort of want to look further into the roots of these colours and why they were used in educational contexts (and why they often aren't now ... does it really make a difference or is it just a question of fashion?) long after we left the Victorian era.

I am not going to learn anything else this evening. I should really go to sleep. More lithography tomorrow.

Monkey Litho.

Got back into the print rooms for the first time in a whole year today. Need to be ready to do the same thing again tomorrow. Trying pushing this monkey through lithography to see how dead he looks at the end. If he looks kind of amusing ... then that should mean I am on the right path. Maybe.

Trying to remember litho process on the fly is ... difficult. I suspect I may have made a lot of mistakes with this plate, so I might have to begin again from scratch tomorrow morning. Fun stuff. Still, if I can get in there before nine then maybe I will have the time to make those mistakes and learn from them.

Tonight, I am going to try that screen printing kit I keep meaning to try out. I hope the results aren't too shambolic because if they aren't that makes life a fair bit easier. Plus it might also be a good way of making some extra mulah over the summer. Money might not be everything, but it's really good for buying books and bus passes.

Aaaaahhhhh so so so so much work to do. It's kind of beginning to come together, but dammit I wish I had my head more sorted than I do right now. I'm struggling to make connections. Struggling and reaching and talking and questioning and then going through the same process again based on new findings. Just have to keep going and trust it will work out.

All articulate thought has left my brain this evening. Please to be excusing this textual vomit. Thank you please.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Monkey Kitchen.

Bit of progress from yesterday. Of course when I say progress, what I mean is buggering about with a vague destination in mind, or perhaps a sort of ponderous stroll. The results:

Lots of monkeys. My housemates insist I am turning into some kind of kitchen-dwelling Threepwood character. I'll need to work on the quiff if that's ever going to come to fruition, but I guess there are worse things to be compared to than a quick-quipping, buckle-swashing fictional resident of the Caribbean, whose main reason for existence is to be a plot device for a series of pirate-themed brain teasers. Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. Except for the lack of free will, but then maybe that's overrated. Maybe in another existence I'll give it a whirl.

Back to me sitting in my kitchen with a bottle of ink. Main objective of the afternoon was actively trying out different brush strokes and ideas on each drawing. Not bad ... each one has a slightly different mood to it, which will obviously be translated once more into a print. After that, I move onto actually playing with the homophones I have in mind for a print series. A bit of word play to make the whole exercise a touch more complicated.

Be interesting to see how a home screen print kit manages to interpret this picture. It's a useful thing to try out, because I am not necessarily going to have the money for a printing studio subscription in the future ... a rule with a lot of the animation stuff I have been doing is if I can't do it with the resources I will have available to me in the future, then I probably need to rethink what I am doing and economise on the tools I have available. I am thinking that this might also be a useful strategy with some of the print work - if it doesn't work using rude and crude implements, it's going to be hard to pursue in the coming months.

Started to apply my obviously awesome research skillz to a tree in a local park today. So much stuff to discover when you put your mind to it. I am seriously beginning to wonder why people ever get bored. Ever.

In other news, some good friends of mine have got a new book coming out! Solipsistic Pop 2 looks brilliant. Really looking forward to getting my dirty mitts on a copy.

To round off this evening's ramble, here's a picture of a man scuba diving in a reef display in that local museum I was talking about yesterday. I can't decide if he 'ruined the illusion' or just pointed out how surreal having a glass window looking out onto a fake coral reef is. I suspect the latter.