Sunday, 25 April 2010

Monkey Kitchen.

Bit of progress from yesterday. Of course when I say progress, what I mean is buggering about with a vague destination in mind, or perhaps a sort of ponderous stroll. The results:

Lots of monkeys. My housemates insist I am turning into some kind of kitchen-dwelling Threepwood character. I'll need to work on the quiff if that's ever going to come to fruition, but I guess there are worse things to be compared to than a quick-quipping, buckle-swashing fictional resident of the Caribbean, whose main reason for existence is to be a plot device for a series of pirate-themed brain teasers. Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. Except for the lack of free will, but then maybe that's overrated. Maybe in another existence I'll give it a whirl.

Back to me sitting in my kitchen with a bottle of ink. Main objective of the afternoon was actively trying out different brush strokes and ideas on each drawing. Not bad ... each one has a slightly different mood to it, which will obviously be translated once more into a print. After that, I move onto actually playing with the homophones I have in mind for a print series. A bit of word play to make the whole exercise a touch more complicated.

Be interesting to see how a home screen print kit manages to interpret this picture. It's a useful thing to try out, because I am not necessarily going to have the money for a printing studio subscription in the future ... a rule with a lot of the animation stuff I have been doing is if I can't do it with the resources I will have available to me in the future, then I probably need to rethink what I am doing and economise on the tools I have available. I am thinking that this might also be a useful strategy with some of the print work - if it doesn't work using rude and crude implements, it's going to be hard to pursue in the coming months.

Started to apply my obviously awesome research skillz to a tree in a local park today. So much stuff to discover when you put your mind to it. I am seriously beginning to wonder why people ever get bored. Ever.

In other news, some good friends of mine have got a new book coming out! Solipsistic Pop 2 looks brilliant. Really looking forward to getting my dirty mitts on a copy.

To round off this evening's ramble, here's a picture of a man scuba diving in a reef display in that local museum I was talking about yesterday. I can't decide if he 'ruined the illusion' or just pointed out how surreal having a glass window looking out onto a fake coral reef is. I suspect the latter.

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