Monday, 26 April 2010

Monkey Litho.

Got back into the print rooms for the first time in a whole year today. Need to be ready to do the same thing again tomorrow. Trying pushing this monkey through lithography to see how dead he looks at the end. If he looks kind of amusing ... then that should mean I am on the right path. Maybe.

Trying to remember litho process on the fly is ... difficult. I suspect I may have made a lot of mistakes with this plate, so I might have to begin again from scratch tomorrow morning. Fun stuff. Still, if I can get in there before nine then maybe I will have the time to make those mistakes and learn from them.

Tonight, I am going to try that screen printing kit I keep meaning to try out. I hope the results aren't too shambolic because if they aren't that makes life a fair bit easier. Plus it might also be a good way of making some extra mulah over the summer. Money might not be everything, but it's really good for buying books and bus passes.

Aaaaahhhhh so so so so much work to do. It's kind of beginning to come together, but dammit I wish I had my head more sorted than I do right now. I'm struggling to make connections. Struggling and reaching and talking and questioning and then going through the same process again based on new findings. Just have to keep going and trust it will work out.

All articulate thought has left my brain this evening. Please to be excusing this textual vomit. Thank you please.

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