Monday, 6 September 2010

Pun of the week?

Found whilst walking about in Gravesend. Kind of brilliant.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Scib paint commercial the first

The first of two commercials I worked on whilst recently at Not To Scale is up!

Input on this one was minimal (I think I painted the flowers that pop up in the background), but it's too cute for me not to post it.

Lush Illustrations

Last month I completed some work for Gorilla Perfumes at Lush. Having to create images in reaction to descriptions of scents was really interesting, and I really enjoyed the process.

The final illustrations for 'Love' and 'Smell of Weather Turning' are up on the Lush website.

The perfumes they have put together for this collection are really gutsy, distinctive scents and it is a pleasure to be involved with such a great project. I think my personal favourite is The Smell of Freedom, but they're all pretty darn good and well worth a sniff.

Website is finally back. It is currently housing examples of my illustration work, sketchbook wanderings and a very short animation showreel. There is also room to talk about various projects that I have worked on and will be working on in the future. Nothing there yet, but watch that space and see what happens.

Style is kind of minimalist, so there wasn't so much room for my usual silly characters. Here are some lemonheads that have all but been dropped from the design. I think they're kind of cute.