Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Peckham Invalids Available to Pre-Order and Stuff

So! So. The first Issue of The Peckham Invalids went off to the printers this morning, just a little bit before elevenses. Obviously I am rather excited about this because apart from some stuff I've done for We Are Words and Pictures, this is more or less the first thing I've got in print. Or at least it's the first thing I haven't photocopied together in the college library when I should have been writing essays or animating stuff. Anyway.

For my part, it's also been a great opportunity to actually try colouring something fully. Going beyond just spot-colour or blocking which is more akin to printmaking than painting. A lot of the larger panels in this comic I've been treating a little like oil paintings (a medium I bloody love but rarely get to muck about with these days). I hope that if you get your mitts on a copy you'll be able to see how much fun I've had with those larger layouts.

Evidently my involvement in The Peckham Invalids is going to be long-term colour-wise. It also looks like I'll be taking on board writing one or two of the origin stories we have planned for the characters. I daresay I'll be doing my fair share of doodling for it too, which (as you know) I quite like doing.

For more information about the project, please head over to The Peckham Invalids website, where (as I think I mentioned before) you can take a look at some preview pages, read about the characters and even pre-order a copy should you feel so inclined.

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