Wednesday, 7 December 2011

In which I talk about Thought Bubble

Photo courtesy of the very lovely Forbidden Planet Int. blog. Thanks guys!
So. Thought Bubble happened since I last updated. I thought it was rather good! I haven't been since 2008, and some of the scuttlebutt I'd been hearing around and about was making me think I wasn't going to have as brilliant-a time as that first intrepid voyage into the world of comics.

To be fair, last time I pitched up in Leeds, having not slept for a couple of days, I had spent the party evening getting very drunk, attempting to high-five some bloke called Kieron and getting holes ripped in my tights by certain Mancunians who need not be named, but who know who they are (we also managed to sell ALL of our stock last time, so it had been a fairly decent day on the financial front too).

Anyway. Not really wanting, a repeat performance of 2008, but also aware that this con had a lot to live up to in my memory, it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I planted my butt behind the stall I was helping to man. I needn't have been anxious though; the con itself was perfectly pleasant, and the after party (play lists and all) was lovely too. In fact I have no sordid stories, no nothing. It was just really ... really ... nice.  Not much more to report than that. Ho hum.

Best bits: Picking up Paper Science,  the Nu Nooners (great fun and apparently features a cameo from new buddeh Beckitastic ... maybe there are more too but I've yet to spot them), Ink + Paper and eating currywurst at the German Christmas market in Leeds proper. Oh, and reading the preview of Peabody and D'Gorath. That shizzle looks pretty (and compelling) as hell.

Worst bits:  Missing out on the last copy of Cat Rackham to friggn' Howard. Of all people. He doesn't even *do* cats. He's a dog person. That was rubbish, and so was the journey up. But that's mainly because I was being judged for knitting on the train by a couple of business blokes. It was a scarf for a friend, okay? Nothing weird about that.

Anyway. That was Leeds. All in all very, er, nice and looking forward to the next one. Who knows, maybe I'll even have my own table. First time for everything, right?

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