Tuesday, 26 June 2012

London this summer

... is absolutely beautiful and brilliant. Not too much structure to this post. Basically I did a lot of exploring this weekend and here are some of the wicked things I have found:

 There is a multi-colour city beach on the South Bank this year! I'm guessing it was installed pretty recently as the sand hasn't got too churned up yet, but I can't wait to see how the colours mix over the summer.

There is a fantastic exhibition on at the London transport Museum called 'Mind the Map'. Fairly obvious, it's an exhibition about maps, and there are some absolute corkers. Loved this one ... a map of the world made from train tickets.

And this one, which is a gorgeous version of London from around the turn of the last century, I love the way this particular map is emotionally distorted and gives HUGE priority to areas like Hyde Park, whilst virtually eclipsing Charing Cross Road, a road that looms heavily in my own imagination. ALSO, South London is absolutely enormous on this map. Most modern takes on central London don't give Old Kent Road a look in.

"Covent Garden - only cooking apples really"

Spotted some synchronised window-washing taking place near Kensington Gore on the way up to take a quick look at the RCA summer show.
A mannequin just hanging out in Soho with a bike helmet and some summer shorts on. 

One of the many Childline telephone boxes dotted around the centre. There are some absolute doozies out there, including Lauren O'Farrell's Bright yellow, googly-eyed piece of genius on Trafalgar Square. This is my personal favourite though.Got a bit of a thing for giraffes.

Some cute coots who've made a mobile home out of a decent number of sticks and a stray life ring (one wonders what it's doing in the water in the first place ... did it just blow in or did it fail to save someone? Ooer). You can visit them in Kensington gardens alone with this guy:

Derpy-looking squirrel who decided it would be hilarious to jump on my leg and try to stare me out. Squirrels are great. They look permanently petrified of everything.Really know how to squawk too.

Anyway. I think the point I am trying to get across is that there is a hell of a lot happening out there at the moment which I am finding very exciting. This is such a great city and one that I sometimes take for granted or stop noticing because I am too busy being self-absorbed, feeling grouchy about something nondescript or ruining my eyes in front of a computer screen and scratching away with my graphics tablet. Sorry London, you are amazing and I shall do my best to pay attention and from now on will document your efforts to be awesome as  best I can.

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